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Office Construction

If you’ve followed SubEarthan Cottage for long, you know about the questionable techniques used in our 1937 home. Over the last few weeks, Chris replaced the sagging ceiling in the center room of our home, removed part of the floor damaged from foundation problems, and put a temporary floor in to allow the final foundation work to be done. 

Office temporary floor
Section of temporary floor.

Because we know the foundation still needs work, we aren’t finishing out the walls yet, either. Rather than doing the texture and paint now and repairing cracks and split seams after the foundation is done, we decided to wait and do the finish work after the structural work is finished.

In the meantime, though, we need the space, so we are turning that room into an office work space. This week, Chris set to work building and installing an L-shaped counter on two walls to serve as desks. He reconfigured the over-sized desk and hutches we found on Craigslist a few years ago into a better configuration for our needs.

Next up, he will add more shelving. Every office needs tons of shelving. I think we could literally start our own library with all the books we have. No matter how much shelving we have, there is never enough. If you notice, above the white boards, there is a space. We plan to have shelving around the perimeter of the room in that space so the books are out and visible but out of the way.

Along with shelving, the office also needs lighting. Since that is the center room of the house, there is no natural light. We plan on adding task lighting and a ceiling fan with lighting.

He used salvaged materials for the majority of this renovation. They came from homes in our area torn down to make way for new construction. Not only does it save money, but I like knowing that we kept solid materials out of a landfill.

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