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Plastic bags

I just saw this slideshow ( on what happens to plastic bags after they carry home groceries. If it’s all true, it’s very disturbing.

I do use reusable bags when I have them with me and refuse a bag if I can carry my purchase. Aside from the environmental impact, I love that I can fit at least twice as much in my cloth bags as I can in a plastic bag. With a two year old to manage while carrying the groceries, that alone makes reusable bags great.

I do still get plastic bags on occasion. There are some great ways to reuse plastic bags. You can iron them together to make a durable sheet of plastic material that can then be sewn into bags, wallets, or just about anything else.

Here’s a few tutorials on how to fuse bags. Googling “fusing plastic bags” will get you many other tutorials as well.

You can also cut the bag into strips and link them together to make plastic yarn and knit or crochet with the yarn. Here’s a few tutorials for knitting with plastic bags:,,DIY_13768_3059465,00.html

Reusing the bags in this manner keeps them out of the landfills without the high cost of recycling.

I’d love to hear your ideas on how you reuse plastic bags when you get them.

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