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Playing catch up

I’ve been fighting with a cold or allergies over the past week or so. Most of my blog time was spent napping instead of typing out witty blog posts lazily posting random baby pictures.

Not that I haven’t had a million things to write. I’ve actually mentally composed several posts in my absence. A few might even have been worth reading. But, sadly, they’re long gone. You’ll never read, in detail, what we did for Easter, my nerve wracking, hair pulling days of second guessing whether to vax Mr. B before his two-month checkup, or my borderline obsessive hoarding behavior when it comes to Elmer’s Gold Brick Eggs.

I will give you a brief summary of events via pictures. Minus the Gold Bricks. I’m not revealing any details about my stash.

Happy Baby!

Finn dying eggs.  He looks like he needs a nap.

Beckett helping dye eggs.

Indoor egg hunt.

Post 2 month check-up nap. 13lbs 8oz, 23.5in. 6lbs+ and 4in growth in 2 months on 100% breast milk. 🙂

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