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Pregnancy post in which I whine because I’m getting sick.

My throat hurts and my head hurts and I’m sleepy and I need to wash dishes and I need to eat something but I want to sleep more but I need to do stuff when will the Sudafed kick in I should gargle some salt water stupid Tylenol doesn’t do crap I should drink some hot tea but that would mean walking all the way to the kitchen and why are my ears popping and look at the baskets of laundry that need folded and why is it so hot today why am I sick when it isn’t even cold outside and we’re out of popsicles and I want a popsicle and I don’t even like popsicles but they’re cold and would be good now and I should just go take a nap but it probably won’t help and I’ll still be sick and laundry will still need folded and dishes will still need washed and I’ll still be hungry and possibly sick from not eating and…..

I did try to warn you.

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