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I absolutely hate doing laundry, so I’m always on the lookout for anything to make it a little easier and more enjoyable. That’s what motivated me to create SubEarthan Cottage’s Laundry Soap Sachets. Each sachet is made from thoroughly cleaned recycled T-shirt material and contains enough SubEarthan Cottage Clean and Simple Laundry Soap to wash one load of laundry. They also contain lavender buds to give your laundry a subtle lavender scent.

What you do is toss the whole sachet into the washing machine with your laundry. The laundry soap leaves the sachet as your machine fills and agitates to clean your clothes. When your clothes are done washing, just toss the sachet in to the dryer along with your clothes. The heat from the dryer releases the lavender scent from the lavender buds to scent your clothes without needing to add a scented dryer sheet.

After you’re done, you can either toss the sachet back into the drier with the next few loads for even more lavender scent or place it anywhere around the house you want the sweet scent of lavender.

Some suggestions:
Toss it in your lingerie or sock drawer
Tuck it in to your pillowcase or under your sofa cushions
Place it underneath your trashcan liners to keep the cans smelling fresh
Put them inside your shoes when they are not being worn (I suppose you could leave them in while you wear them, but that would be pretty uncomfortable.)

Or, you could open the sachets and:
Pour the lavender into a dish of potpourri
Sprinkle it onto rugs and then vacuum for sweet smelling rugs
Add the lavender to your compost pile

The outer bags of the sachet could then be used for little polishing clothes, makeup removing pads, etc.

In other words, SubEarthan Cottage’s Laundry Soap Sachets not only make doing laundry much easier, they can be used long after your laundry is done for the day.

The sachets measure about 3.5inches square (8.89cm square). This listing is for 5 laundry sachets that will arrive packaged cute enough to give as a gift without any additional packaging. If you’re interested in a different amount, please contact me and I’ll create a custom order.

If you’re interested in a custom blend or different amount, please contact me with your request.

Ingredients: Unscented handmade soap (Coconut oil, Olive oil, Palm oil, Sodium Hydroxide, may also contain Cocoa butter, aloe, soybean oil), Borax, Washing soda, Lavender buds

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