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Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 10

— 1 —

It’s two weeks until I need to have my Christmas gifts finished. I haven’t really started anything yet. It’s my version of living dangerously.

— 2 —

Finn had an awards assembly for the second six weeks on Wednesday. He got three awards. One for attendance, one for all around E’s and one for meeting his reading goals. This was the best picture I got:

Most looked like this:

— 3 —

If it wasn’t for Gangnam Style, nothing would get done around here. At least it’s not Barney.

— 4 —

Finnian has his first field trip without Chris or I going along as a chaperone. I’m sure he’ll do fine and have fun, but I’ll be a little extra happy when it’s time to pick him up today.

— 5 —

On a hopefully unrelated note, I’m starting to see homeschooling as an option for us. I say hopefully, because I don’t want to be a helicopter parent, so homeschooling because I’m nervous about field trips would be bad.  He’s in a good school in a really good district. So far, school has been easy for him and he’s way ahead. I’m pretty confident that this district has the capability to do well by their advanced students. I do wonder if he would do better working at his own pace, because I don’t want him to get bored.

There are a few things here and there that make me a little uneasy, too. It seems like public school is treated more like a daycare by some parents and in response the schools have had to take on roles that should be filled by the parents. It’s sad that some children really do seem to need that. I don’t want my children to be parented by someone else, though. I want my children to be taught academics by their teachers and let me do the parenting.

— 6 —

However, I suck at socializing. I have a few close friends that I never see. In school, I ate lunch with other people, not because I wanted to, but because I didn’t want to be seen as a weirdo. I would have preferred to eat alone or, better yet, skip lunch and go to the library. I hate parties. When I was young, I thought I’d never get married because the thought of walking down the aisle with people watching and then having to talk to them afterwards seemed horrible. I love spending time with my close family and I enjoy people watching in crowds. Anything with forced interaction outside of my little circle is torture. I know that’s a common misconception that homeschoolers lack socialization, but I really do think that if my kids have to rely on me to learn how to get along with others and make friends, they will be forever awkward. Not that there’s anything wrong with being an introvert. I’m just not sure that’s who my kids are, and I wouldn’t want to force them into little introverted lives just like I hate having to play an extrovert for even a few hours.

— 7 —

And a random after school video where the baby attacks big brother.

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