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Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 13

— 1 —

I pretty much stayed away from my computer while visiting our family, so Merry Christmas three days late. Sure, I could have auto posted on Christmas, but that would require far too much planning on my part.

— 2 —

Before our trip, B was fine, but Finn’s recurring cough that sounds horrible enough to make everyone cringe was back in full force. Two days into the trip, Finn wasn’t coughing, but Beckett was coughing and running through boxes of Kleenex. Not in the fun toddler Kleenex all over the floor way, either. At this rate, I’m pretty sure It will be a few months before I can say we’re all healthy without feeling like I’m jinxing myself.

— 3 —

Beckett has started waving. He clearly knows it’s cute, because he does it when he gets caught doing something he shouldn’t as well as the appropriate times.

— 4 —

Beckett has also started turning his slobbery baby kisses into baby love bites. It’s cute, but I’m sure I need to make it stop before they turn into real bites.

— 5 —

I haven’t uploaded trip pictures yet. Sorry.

— 6 —

I did get my Holiday box from and will be blogging about the awesome things I was given to try soon. I still have a few invites to give out, so if you blog/tweet/fb and are interesting in doing product reviews, send me your email.

— 7 —

We decided to get a Wii after years of an Atari being the only game system in our house. (I’ll wait while you Google Atari….) My sis and her hubby were upgrading to a Wii U, so they gave us their Wii for Christmas. Yay!

I have seen that it’s possible to get a Wii to play DVDs. There’s an instructible for it and everything. I would love to be able to move our bulky DVD/VHS player, since we rarely watch our VHS tapes, but I don’t want to break the Wii trying to do it, either.

Yes, we have both an Atari and VHS tapes we actually use sometimes. And I am familiar with Pong. At least we don’t have a Betamax.

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Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 13 was originally published on SubEarthan Cottage

Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 13 was originally published on SubEarthan Cottage