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Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 14

Today’s I’m being all multi-tasky and combining my New Year’s goals post and Quick Takes Friday post. I say goals rather than resolutions because goals are to work toward while resolutions imply immediate, permanent change. With resolutions, it’s easier to say “forget it” if you slip up. With goals, there’s no failure. You keep progressing as long as you don’t just give up.

My personal goal is to get healthier. I’m not just focusing on weight loss, but all around health. Steps to meet that goal are:
1. Eat more natural foods. Babysteps: avoid trans-fats and HFCS. Next: If I don’t have a clue what an ingredient is, I probably shouldn’t eat it. Ultimate: Rarely eat anything containing ingredients that aren’t easily available to me.
2. Drink more water! Ideally half my weight in ounces. I can do this. I feel great when I go this. Then I forget and it is torture to get back in the habit.
3. Eat out less. I really don’t mind cooking, as long as I can do it without a crying/clingy Beckett following me around while I cook AND for the cleanup.
4. Exercise. Walking, elliptical, Wii Fit, whatever.

My SubEarthan Cottage goal is growth. This past year was sad as far as sales. Granted, I intended to take it slow with Beckett arriving, but he’s almost a year now. It’s time to pick back up.
5. Create at least two new ready to sell items per week.
6. Have one day each week to photograph new items.
7. List new items weekly.
8. Post at least one SEC related tutorial or informative blog post per month.

Quick Takes Friday is being hosted here this week. Our usual host, Jen from Conversion Diary is in the hospital with pregnancy complications. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

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