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Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 15

— 1 —

There’s about a month until Valentine’s Day. All the stores have switched from Christmas red to Valentine’s red. Every time I see it, it makes me a little sad in a nostalgic sort of way, because last Valentine’s I was busy with this:

This year I’ll still be busy with that little creature, it will just be more of a please-don’t-climb-on-that-and-hey!-what’s-in-your-mouth-no!-don’t-put-that-there-come-back-here-I-need-to-change-your-diaper-don’t-chase-the-kitty-and-why-is-your-mouth-orange sort of way. I told Chris last night that I kind of miss the days of being able to put him down somewhere and him staying there.

— 2 —

Of special note to new parents: Be wary when changing a morning diaper and discovering that it is dry. Particularly if the diaper-wearer is a boy. You would think I knew this by now.

— 3 —

The other bad thing about Valentine’s Day being right around the corner is chocolate. Not that chocolate is bad. I love chocolate. That is precisely the problem. I can’t go anywhere without seeing Valentine’s chocolate. Valentine’s stuff makes me a little weepy. Weepy makes me need chocolate. Oh, hey! Look! There’s a four pound box of chocolate right here….

— 4 —

The other thing that makes me weepy but in a why-do-I-torture-myself way is Elementary. Seriously, did the writers even read the Sherlock Holmes stories? Or did they just decide to make a crappy detective show about a semi-intelligent detective named Sherlock and his handler Watson, because Sherlock Holmes is cool now. If you hear a loud bang next Thursday night, it’s probably just my head exploding.

— 5 —
What’s the scoop on Downton Abbey? Everyone is raving about it. I even had a sweet reader recommend it a few weeks ago. It looks a little too Austen-esque for my tastes, but maybe I’m mistaken. 
— 6 —

Since we’re talking shows, I recently watched Farmageddon on Netflix. Now, I have never tried raw milk. I don’t really like milk to begin with, so having to hunt down a reputable source for raw milk isn’t something I’m that motivated to do. Why, though, is it such a big deal that we have all sorts of laws and restrictions on it? I mean, we can pasteurize eggs in the shell, but we don’t require it, and people can get sick from raw eggs. People can get sick from raw fish but you can sell and eat sashimi. Raw and under cooked meats can make you sick, but you can still buy rare cooked steaks and delicacies made with raw meat. Why does it seem like raw milk is singled out, and why don’t we just let people make their own decisions about what to put in their bodies in the first place?

— 7 —

Ummmmm….. TGIF?

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