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Quick Takes Friday, vol. 4

— 1 —

I am a horrible person. There are several oak trees at the after school pick up area at Finn’s school. The ground under them is covered with little acorns. Every day some kid comes running out and ends up flat on their behinds. It looks just like it was planned for some slapstick comedy. I laugh. Every time. In my defense, no one has gotten hurt, and I always try not to let people, especially the kid who slipped, see that I’m laughing. I really try not to laugh at all, but I just can’t help it.

— 2 —

Beckett is either miserable from teething or getting sick. I’m sure that the 80 degrees one day 50 degrees the next weather isn’t helping anything. It’s times like these that I’m really glad we cosleep/bedshare/whatever you call it. Most nights have some element of this, but we still get a decent night’s sleep. On nights when he’s not feeling well, I might get woken up a few more times than normal, but he settles faster since I wake up before he cries and no one has to get out of their bed. There were a few times last night that he didn’t even wake up, just snuggled closer in his sleep. This morning I felt pretty well rested and ready to start the day because I wasn’t up and down all night. Beckett is still off, but hopefully getting more rest will help him feel better faster.

— 3 —

We still haven’t decided what we’re doing for Halloween. There has to be trick-or-treating, because Halloween isn’t Halloween without it. Our neighborhood stinks for it though. Very few people hand out candy, but if we go somewhere else then no one is home handing out candy at our house either. If someone isn’t here to pass out candy, I feel like we’re just contributing to our neighborhood’s stinkiness.

— 4 —

Over the past week I’ve had numerous friends complain on Facebook and Twitter about all the negativity on Facebook and Twitter. Overlooking the irony, it has me tempted to create a Positive Page. (or something) Anyone could like/join and post, but if there’s the slightest bit of negativity I delete the post. It would be a calm, peaceful haven from Negative Nancy. Considering that I’ve never been an inspirational quote of the day kind of girl and that I actually get annoyed at inspirational quote kind of posts, I would probably be better off creating a negative free-for-all page and encourage everyone to take their negativity there. I could give awards for the most sarcastic post of the week or the political post that went lower than anyone thought a political post could go. Or I could just start ranting about inspirational quotes on Facebook.

— 5 —

I really, really need a soft structured carrier for Beckett. He’s heavy but still a baby and strollers aren’t really that convenient. I love my sling, but I can only wear it comfortably on my right shoulder. Or I used to only be able to wear it comfortably on my right shoulder. This morning my right shoulder and the right side of my neck decided to object to movement in general. I’m assuming putting the sling and weight of my little chubchub on it would be a bad idea.

— 6 —

Last night we ate at a Chinese buffet. This was the first time we’ve gone with Finn old enough to fully appreciate a buffet. He found it all amazing. “Wait, I can have more? Really? Of anything?! But I already had some. It’s okay? Really?!?” Considering that he has his dad’s metabolism and that young boys grow into teenage garbage disposals, I can see buffets becoming more common in our future.

— 7 —
I honestly don’t have a #7 today. I do have a Beckett who doesn’t feel well and who just woke up from a nap, though, so I’m calling it good for today. Have a great weekend.
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