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Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 6

— 1 —

B is still congested. It is getting better, but laying down=congestion=no sleep. Luckily B is perpetually happy, sleep or no sleep. Me, on the other hand…

— 2 —

I just got this cute bag in the mail yesterday. (I got the blue one.) I can’t wait to stuff it’s zillion pockets with emergency supplies that I’ll probably never need unless I forget to pack them. I’m even more excited to see that the sale price I paid for it last campaign was less than half of the current campaign price.

— 3 —

I found out that the driver behind the 911 fun yesterday morning had been arrested sometime after the mailbox/gas line destruction for similar shenanigans up the road. I’m very thankful that nobody was hurt. I’d also like to know what kind of indestructible tank he drives.

— 4 —

Beckett loves Elmo. I think he even said “Eee-uho” yesterday. Sorry Sweetie. I’m sure da-da will be next.

— 5 —

Finnian had started writing and illustrating his own books. He can crank out two or more a day. I love his creativity, but I’m now faced with the problem of what to do with all of them, not to mention his schoolwork, report cards, random artwork, etc.

— 6 —

Finnian and one of his friends have decided that their pets who died have returned as ghosts to play with and protect them. So far it seems to be fun pretend, but knowing Finnian’s imagination I’m waiting¬†for it to get a little extreme.

— 7 —
Why is it taking so long for a laundry washing/drying/folding machine to be invented? Even just an automatic folding machine would be nice. In other words, I’ll be spending the day with a mountain of laundry. I am seriously contemplating a “naked at home” policy.
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