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Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 9

— 1 —

Finnian got these glasses at school for looking at Christmas lights. They look like old 3D glasses, but make normal lights look like this:

They have ones that look like Santa, elves, stars and a few others I can’t remember. Pretty cool.

— 2 —

Finn also brought home knowledge of the Gummy Bear song. What, you haven’t heard of it?

Evil I say.

— 3 —

Beckett went for his repeat blood test today. The one he had at his nine month checkup showed some weirdness in some of his white blood cells. At this point I’m assuming it will be Monday before I hear anything. I’m sure my little elf will keep me busy in the meantime.

— 4 —

Gratuitous chill baby picture:

— 5 —

I really want to start eating cleaner and healthier. It’s crazy how hard it seems. You’d think finding food that isn’t insanely processed and full of chemicals wouldn’t be that hard. Really it is hard to find the good stuff at my local supermarket and what I can find is more expensive. To get a good selection, I have to drive an extra 20 minutes in traffic. People often say shopping farmer’s markets are cheaper, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m sure it will get easier once I work my way into it. For now, it’s just frustrating.

— 6 —

Maybe I’m starting early on the New Year’s resolution thing, but I also want to get back into exercising regularly. I love my elliptical, but it’s so solitary with a busy family and my postpartum joints still aren’t quite up to the challenge. Just before I found out I was pregnant with Beckett, I had this overwhelming desire to run. I’m wondering if this might be an option with a good stroller so B can keep me company.

— 7 —

I’m taking bets on when Beckett will start walking. Cautious Finnian gave me a blissful 13 months. Beckett goes headfirst into any and everything. Today he took a few steps with the help of a sturdy push toy. He’s only about 9.5 months old. 😛

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