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Rainy Monday Mornings

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day. We went to lunch at this great little Mexican restaurant. We don’t go there often because Finn always acts up there. I’m not sure why, but every time we’ve been there it ends with dh and I taking turns eating while the other walks Finn outside.

Yesterday, though, I have to say he was a perfect little gentleman. Not only was he not a stinker in general, he always remembered to say “Thank you” any time the waitress brought us anything. 🙂 Totally the best Mother’s Day present I could have gotten.

Today it’s nice and overcast. If it stops raining for a little while, I may head out to take some product photos. I’d like to finish the tote-style purse I started making last night. I’ll post pictures as soon as I can so you all can see the cuteness!

I also have to go get the registration sticker for dh’s truck. Note to the State of TX: I hate the new sticker design! It makes it TOO easy to forget when they need updating. And yes, I’m complaining because that resulted in dh getting a ticket for it Saturday.

For those outside of TX, the old stickers were clear on back. This made it easy to see the date from inside your vehicle and easily keep tabs on when it expired. The new ones are dark, opaque blue on back that is impossible to read through. I’m so used to being able to check while sitting at stoplights, etc. that I never remember to check it when I’m not already in the car.

Anyway, I get to take Finn to the tax office later to get a new sticker. And there will probably be an extra fee since he got a ticket on top of the actual ticket. I wonder if he can get it thrown out with proof that the registration has been updated?

Have a great Monday everyone!

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