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Random acts of kindness

This morning started off rough. I didn’t wake up until a little after 7am. I needed to get myself and Beckett Dr. appointment ready (as opposed to school drop-off lane ready) and out the door by 7:30 to get Finn to school, Chris to work and me to my 9am checkup. Beckett was a little cranky, Finn was moving slower than molasses and I was anxious about how Beckett would be during my checkup. By the time we headed out the door at 7:40ish, I was so ready for the morning to be over.

After we dropped off Finn, Chris decided to take advantage of his first period planning period and go to Paris Coffee Shop for breakfast. I wasn’t sure about it time-wise, but it wasn’t busy so we went. The baby stayed happy and meal was a nice pause to help us recover from the morning rush. What really turned things around though was finding out that some kind person had paid our tab. It was such a nice surprise it made the little bumps in the rest of the morning not so bad.

Yesterday also had a nice surprise for me. I went to Thrift Town for some better fitting, nursing-friendly shirts, placemats to maybe keep my table from getting even more stains and scratches, and to check out their fabric section. I ended up with 3 shirts, 1 dress, 2 sets of placemats and a bag full of t-shirts for crafting. While I unloaded my buggy at the checkout, the nice lady in front of me gave me a coupon that took $5 off my total.

Both seemingly small acts really made my day and have me looking for ways to pass it on to someone else. 🙂

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