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Random Things from this Weekend

I thought Skittles Fizzl’d Fruits would be awesome, like Skittles covered in Pop Rocks. Turns out they’re more like Skittles covered in Alka Seltzer.

According to the cashier who carded me, I look nowhere near thirty.

Finn has an oddly sensitive gag reflex for a four-year-old male.

Central Market is scary on the weekend. Also, how is it that I always get lost trying to find the checkout at Central Market.

If you say something about someone being the gate keeper and I ask if you are the key master and you don’t know what I’m talking about, I will laugh at you.

Starting a 11pm (CST) Qubo shows old He-Man and She-Ra cartoons.

Even at four or five, I preferred watching He-Man to She-Ra.

I also liked watching a cartoon, possibly anime that was a space travel related cartoon. I can’t remember the name, but while trying to tell Chris about it, I could only describe it as “kinda like Star Trek, but a cartoon and not Star Trek”.

Apparently I have always been a nerd.

If Qubo showed the Smurfs at 11pm, I would probably stay up to watch.

Getting in the car and finding I have less than 1/4 tank of gas really irritates me.

If I am any indication, it must be nearly impossible to take too many allergy medications. (As long as they don’t contain decongestants, that is. Chris has proven that you can, in fact have too many decongestants.)

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