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Shopping with Beckett

I needed to pick up a prescription refill and some birthday cake supplies from the grocery store this morning. I was pretty sure that the pharmacy didn’t open until sometime after 8:30am, but I really didn’t want to go home just to get Beckett back into his car seat one more time then necessary. I killed time by stopping to top up the gas tank and then top up and change Beckett in the parking lot.

By the time we made it to the store, we still had about 25 minutes until the pharmacy opened. My plan was to shop slooooowly. Of course this meant Beckett decided to get fussy about the same time we walked in the door. I use a ring sling for shopping that usually keeps him happy, but he was starting to get tired and cranky. With some of the horror-ish stories I’ve heard since the whole “Mom Enough” TIME mess, I’ve been on guard when I’m out with Beckett. I half expect someone to feel the need to tell me what I’m doing wrong since I’m obviously one of those crazy babywearing, breastfeeding, attachment parenting weirdos. Probably a case of lingering postpartum paranoia, but whatever. A happy sling baby is harder to argue with than a cranky sling baby.

Luckily all the comments we got today were either sympathetic or of the “aww, how cute” variety. Beckett had one lady particularly entertained by smiling at her while continuing to share his displeasure with me by growling. Yes, my baby growls when he needs to complain without full-on crying.

It only took 10 minutes to get everything we needed and Beckett’s growls were starting to turn into cries. The pharmacy was still deserted which probably meant I’d have to wait for them to get everything up and running after waiting the 10-15 minutes for them to open. Beckett wasn’t going to make it, so we bought our things and left.

In the five minutes it took us to get home, Beckett went from fussy baby to this:

If only he had fallen asleep in the sling, I could have gotten everything done. Oh well. On my way out, I noticed Blue Bell is on sale, so we can stock up when we go back later today. 🙂

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