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Slightly random things.

I thought I’d have the day “off” and get to sleep in since Finn is out of school today. Instead he desperately wanted to go to storytime at the library, so we had to get up early anyway to take Chris to work so we could have the car. I suppose I should be happy that he is that interested in storytime. Real coffee would probably improve my mood a bit, except for the part where my heart tries to leap out of my chest. Thank you pregnancy hormones.

We’ve been enjoying Central Market‘s free live music concerts on their patio lately. They even have a pretty nice playground for the kiddos so Finn can play if he gets bored with the music. Last night was Poo Live Crew, a cheesy but really fun cover band. Tonight it’s a Beetles cover band, so we may have to make a trip back there to check it out.

Poo Live Crew
Finn at the Central Market playground

This last picture is probably just a little mean. I talked with my mom yesterday and found out that their “good” price for gas was about $3.24/ gallon. Here’s ours:

Ha ha!

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