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Snowy Day

These pictures were taken at around 7am this morning.  It’s supposed to keep snowing all day, so I’ll probably have more to post later.  I know half the country is probably sick of snow, but I’m in Texas where snow is much more of a novelty, so bear with me.  😀






My husband clearing my car cleared for work.  Sadly, the ISD where he teaches didn’t make it a snow day.  I have hope for a snow day tomorrow, though.




Our street.  It’s still just above freezing, so it’s more slush than ice.  The temp. is dropping, so tomorrow morning it should be ice.



I love how my neighbor’s tree looks with the snow.





My backyard.



They’re calling for a record snowfall here, and we’re officially under a Winter Storm Warning.  To me, they may as well have just said we’re getting an extra Christmas.  If the ISD would close so my husband could be home that would be perfect.


Stay warm and have a great day!



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