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Style help

Over the past seven years my weight has fluctuated from about 160lbs before Finnian, 230 lbs with Finnian, 190-195ish for five years after Finnian, 135lbs right before Beckett, 190lbs with Beckett and now holding at about 165-170lbs. I’d like to see at least 15 lbs drop off of that because I know my joints would feel better at that weight and that’s a range that is realistic for my 5′ 8″ frame to maintain. I’m not in a huge hurry to work it off yet, though, other than being more aware of what I’m eating.

In the meantime, I have a closet full of clothes in size too big and size too small with just a few in the just right or passable range. Many of them have been in my closet for at least five years. I desperately need to update my wardrobe with minimal money spent. My clothes need to be practical enough to stand up to everything my boys throw at me (literally and figuratively) but not be all sweats, mom jeans and boxy men’s t-shirts.

I figure I need some sort of game plan to decide what stays, what goes and what purchases will give me the most for my (limited) money. I decided to use the Ain’t No Mom Jeans personal style exercise (discussed in depth here and here) as a starting point.

While I’m sure Beckett would have loved to help me tear up magazines, I decided one handed Polyvore clipping while B dream nursed on my lap was the more productive way to go. I have to say that I’m not sure I’m looking at it quite right. There was definitely an outfit type that I chose consistently, and a few themes I see in the outfits I picked. What I’m not seeing is how to label the styles in such a way to be useful and not have me wearing The Outfit every single day. Plus, I live in Texas, so The Outfit is pretty much limited to fall/winter in it’s full form. Maybe I’m just not seeing it clearly because I’m doing it for myself, though, so feel free to help.

Here we go:

This board is for the skirts and dresses I clipped. There weren’t many compared to everything else, so I grouped them together.


Most of the outfits I chose seemed to consist of solid colors, so anything with any sort of pattern or design went here. Stripes seem to be a big hit, and The Outfit is beginning to emerge.


Pattern/design by csloan on Polyvore

This board has everything else I clipped. Mostly variations of The Outfit.
everything else

So, here’s my summary.
I prefer pants. My go-to Outfit would be slim fitting jeans with layers on top and cute shoes or boots. I’m seeing pops of reds, yellows and blues with mostly blacks, neutrals and earthy colors for the main colors.  
As far as accessories go, I don’t see a lot of jewelry. It seems like they are accessorized through layering scarves, jackets, etc. more so than with statement necklaces or bold jewelry. Many of the outfits use a big bag for added impact. There are also a lot of really cute boots.
The main adjectives I’d use to describe the outfits overall are simple, casual, cozy and maybe a little edgy.
What do you think? Did I get it?

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