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TGIF the Sick Day Edition

Considering that the Finnian was diagnosed with The Flu tm yesterday, we decided that he would be staying home today to rest regardless of his temperature.  Of course that meant he woke up a chilly 97.7 degrees F. and full of energy. I think he probably would have gotten more rest at school. I know for sure Beckett would have. Poor Finnian doesn’t quite understand that talking to mommy at the exact moment when the baby enters that asleep-but-not-really-asleep phase will wake him up every. single. time. Even if he’s speaking in a (stage) whisper. Oh, well.

At least Beckett is finally able to ride kangaroo-style in the sling. He really enjoys facing out so he can see everything. I was even able to sit (briefly) with him in it without the usual fuss.


The rapidly recovering Finnian

Crazy happy baby faces. Just ’cause.

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