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The Battle Rages On

If you follow my blog, you know that there’s an ongoing battle between myself and my household appliances.  See Appliances Are People, Too.


Since my last installment, the oven in my range decided to join in the revolt.  The stove stood by me, but in the end, the whole thing had to be replaced.  Chris believes the motherboard that ties into the oven gave out.  The display frequently flashed “4:20”, though, so I have my own suspicions as to why it was being a lazy wouldn’t work.


Craigslist came to the rescue with a five year old range that is bigger and doesn’t have any digital components to break so now I can bake again.  But not cakes yet, since I still haven’t replaced my mixer that went down while making Finn’s birthday cake in May and I need that to do frosting.


If anyone wants to start placing bets as to which appliance goes down next, here are my guesses:


1. Washing machine, total replacement required.

2. Soap-making stick blender, shortly after starting a batch of castile.

3. Food crockpot, halfway through and undetected until dinner time.



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