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This Week’s Featured Artist: June Jessie, creator of I Sew Cute

Name & Business Name:
June Jessie, isewcute (I Sew Cute)

Tell us a little about yourself and your business:
I’m a wife, mom, toydesigner, craftster …as in…love that place!
Been crafty ever since I was a little girl…watching my Nana sew & my mom knit…just rubbed off on me. I can’t remember ever not being able to draw….I think I came into this world with a pencil in my hand!

My etsy shop just kind of happened …one day a friend said, ‘hey…you should check out etsy for selling your crafty things….’ and the rest is history! Etsy is a full-time hobby for me…which I do take very seriously & I always handle things as professional as possible. I give folks the type of customer service I would like to receive, quality handmade items that they can treasure for years…at a reasonable price.

Anything else you’d like to share:
There are so many projects & not enough time to get everything done I’d like to do, but I take moments throughout the day to just stop & take a mental picture…capturing a thought…stopping to just be aware of ‘now’ …seeing my little kids be silly together, remembering a phone call with a loved one, or eating something particularly yummy & relishing it.

I believe it’s so important to stop & smell the flowers for one’s well being. What good is life if you don’t stop to appreciate it once in awhile!

I laugh a lot…and much amuses me! This world is a funny place & having 2 little kids gives me endless reasons to crack up! I enjoy my life & blogging about anything that strikes my fancy…from recipes, to shopping (mostly on etsy), parenting…preschooler fun & activities, & of course my crafty adventures.
Twitter has been a wonderful way to do some mini blogging without committing to an entire blog post. As a mom, it’s exhausting sometimes to keep up with the blog…but I’ve been doing really well with both since last fall…perhaps because I crave some adult interaction when stuck in the house all day with the little monkeys! LoL!

Tell us about your favorite item currently listed in your shop:
This is so hard to pick just one…because I get so attached to some of my items…it really sometimes tears at me when something sells & I have to let it go…out there somewhere. I’m very partial to any of my kitty items…because I’m one of those crazy cat ladies…but my husband will only put up with one cat. Over Christmas, my absolute favorite item was ‘bambi forever‘ …it’s a ‘gleer’ (glitter deer) pendant necklace that looks like the little deer is walking in a snowglobe wonderland full of snow & glitter….I loved it so much I made one for me and my daughter…for when she’s old enough to wear it!

I’ve been known to write notes to my buyers asking that they give my special creations ‘a good home’. It’s so meaningful to have someone say how much they appreciate my creations…that’s why I keep on keeping on. It’s all for love!

My favorite from I Sew Cute: I love rings, so I Sew Cute’s Sweet Heart for Sweetie Rainbow Candy Sprinkles Resin Heart Adjustable Ring jumped out at me. Such a sweet ring would put a smile on my face every time I wore it.

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  1. What yummy sparkly fun she creates! Love the pieces w/ the colors sprinkles in them!

  2. Hi!! Love your blog and your work,your soap looks so cool <3 now I follow you,if you want you can do the same.I'm soap maker too, yo'll find posts about our work! Hugs!!Bella

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