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Time to kill

With toddlers, you have to give yourself extra time to get even the simplest things accomplished. The flip side, though, is that too much extra time can be even worse.

For example: Today Beckett had his eighteen month checkup at 11 am. In order for me to have the car, we all needed to be ready to leave the house by 7:30 am. Beckett woke up at 5:30 am. (Too much extra time!)

After getting everyone dropped off, I decided to go home and get the things we needed for the doctor’s appointment and pick up our ancient modem to switch out with a new one from our cable company so we wouldn’t have to do it in evening traffic. The cable office isn’t exactly close or on the way to the doctor’s office, traffic is still iffy with construction, and I figured it might not be an in-and-out thing, so we left close to 9 am. It only took about fifteen minutes to get there and about two minutes to switch the modems.

We spent another five minutes going up and down a set of three steps in front of the cable office while I debated going back home or heading in the direction of the doctor’s office. I chose the doctor’s office.

There is a library with a great children’s section near the doctor’s office, which is good because by the time we made it there it wasn’t even 10 am. We hung out at the library for as long as I could keep Beckett children’s library quiet and leave the library with the majority of books not on the floor.

We ended up at the doctor’s office at 10:25 am. Not too bad at first glance, especially since they are usually great about getting us in on time. The waiting room was fairly empty, so I thought they might even get us in a little early.

We were finally called back at 11:30. The doctor saw us at noon, and the nurse gave him his vaccines at 12:15. Then, because some vaccines were new to him, we got to hang out in the waiting room for another fifteen minutes to watch for reactions.

The upsides are that it could have been waaaaay worse in the behavior department, and that having a young toddler awake for seven hours straight and then get vaccinated pretty much guarantees a good nap. I won’t be getting much done during naptime, though. I’m about exhausted from toddler juggling (does it count as juggling if there’s only one?), and I would be surprised if Beckett isn’t Mr. Crankypants in need of mommy cuddles for the rest of the evening.


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  1. Great story! Ever think about writing about your exploits with Finn and Beckett? I sure miss seeing them and Beckett is growing so fast.

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