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Today’s Featured Artist: Augusta Donaldson, creator of ADKnits

Today’s Featured Artist is Augusta Donaldson, creator of ADKnits.



Tell us a little about yourself and your business:


I’m a knitter and an art teacher. I live with my husband and dog in a little house that was just the right size until my husband bought a drumset. When I’m not knitting or at work, I garden, eat, organize obsessively, and converse with my dog.


I love the outdoors and get a lot of inspiration from nature. All of the items I knit reflect that, from the materials I use (natural fibers and blends) to the colors I choose. The motifs I embroider on my knitted items also come from nature — I’ve been on a wildflower kick lately. I knit mostly accessories because my attention span just can’t handle a sweater.



What made you get started in your business?:


I’ve learned to knit when I was seven and it’s always been something I’ve enjoyed. Last summer, I knitted a little change purse, lined it with fabric, and it was cute enough that I thought someone other than myself might actually want one. So, I decided to do something industrious with my summer off, and instead of working on that graduate degree, I decided to knit. A lot.



Anything else you’d like to share:


Confession: sometimes while teaching, I imagine putting all my students to work as part of my knitting empire. So many capable little hands, it seems such a waste not to. Sigh, child labor laws.



Tell us about your favorite item currently listed in your shop:


My current favorite item in my shop is my owl fingerless mittens:




Just a simple cotton blend fingerless mitten, but the little embroidered owl on the branch seals the deal for me! I like how the red berries pop, too.



My favorite from ADKnits:


Fingerless mittens are so practical and ADKnits offers a variety of cute styles.  My favorite pair are her Flower Fingerless Mittens in Red.  I love the adorable flowers embroidered along the backs.





Visit ADKnits here:







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