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Today’s Featured Artist: Teresa, Creator of TeresasCrafts

Today’s Featured artist is Teresa, creator of  TeresasCrafts



Teresa is a stay at home mom of two teenagers. She loves to make jewelry and crafts. She’s been a crafter for years and decided to open up her Etsy shop in Jan. 2009.



She started her handmade business after getting lots of compliments and encouragement from people that she knows.  She also thought it would be fun to have her own handmade item shop.



TeresasCrafts is filled with cute handmade jewelry, message boards and other unique handmade items.  Picking a favorite is always hard, but I think my favorite is her Two hearts centered earrings.

I could see wearing these just about everyday.



Visit TeresasCrafts on Etsy here:



Have a great day!



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