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Tuesday’s Tip and a Video: Ants and Cap and Trade

Tuesday’s Tip: Ants, aka why NOT to drink diet soda.

For months now we’ve been fighting HUGE ant hills along our curb and front walkway. We’d rather not spread tons of chemicals on our lawn to get rid of them, especially with our aging dog, so we’ve tried baking soda and spreading ashes on the piles. I’d read baking soda worked (it did NOT), and I thing the ashes were just an idea Chris had while cleaning out the smoker. The ashes just caused them to move their hills a foot over.

Then, about two weeks ago I remembered hearing that Equal (aka Aspartame, NutraSweet, the blue packets, etc.) will kill ants. I found a few packs of Equal that we’d gotten from McDonald’s or someplace and sprinkled one each on three of the biggest ant hills in the yard.

We’ve been so busy lately that I’d forgotten to check on them until today while I took out the trash. To my surprise all of the ant hills are GONE. Not moved, not shrunk, totally gone!

This leads me to 2 conclusions:
1. I need to buy some NutraSweet to have on hand for future ant infestations.
2. Never EVER consume anything that has aspartame in it. I already knew that if I have it in a higher quantity than is in a stick of gum that it can give me a headache. Seeing such a small amount take out a giant ant hill, though, has brought it to a whole new level of scary.

Now for the video: My sister shared this catchy little music video on Cap and Trade with me. It’s almost as good as Schoolhouse Rock.

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. That is really frightening! I know there's an e-mail that periodically travels around about the difference between Coke and Water. They can use Coke to clean up blood and all kinds of hard core things. Imagine what it can do to the insides. Although I admit…I love Soda. Especially Dr Pepper, which can't be that much better than Coke.

  2. I've seen that e-mail. It certainly does make you think about drinking sodas.I do drink way too much Coke, just not diet. It's the aspartame that really bothers me. I know other ingredients may not be much better and regular soda is high in calories, but between the headaches it causes and the things I've heard about it, aspartame really scares me.Besides, other than diet Dr Pepper and maybe Sprite, I've never tasted a diet soda that tastes remotely like the original. I'd rather have fewer sodas and enjoy the taste than drink the diet ones just to avoid the calories.

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