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Up on the Roof

Last night I climbed up on the roof to help Chris lay shingles. Mind you, I’m not very fond of heights, I’m clumsy and I think I’ve been on a roof briefly once before. Our roof isn’t very steep, though, so it wasn’t too bad.

We worked from about 10pm until 2:30am and got quite a bit done. There is some rain in the forecast today, so we wanted to be as close to finished as possible. One of Chris’s friends is supposed to show up this afternoon. With another person, it should be done tonight.

I really should have taken pictures while I was up there. If nothing else, I’ll have to get up there to take some pics when it’s finished and have Chris take a picture of me actually on the roof.

If you follow my Facebook, you’re probably wondering what my “I’m not drunk…” comment was all about. It goes back to my little brother’s 21st birthday a few years ago. He and my sister were at my parents house. They stayed up late hanging out in the back yard celebrating. Mom walked out to find them on the roof of the garage out back. One of them calls out to her “We’re not drunk…we’re on the roof!” Needless to say they were both drunk and on the roof.

Mom went back to bed, and luckily there were no injuries.

I’m off to get another cup of coffee. Have a great Monday!

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  1. You are daring! It's not that I am afraid of heights, but I know me, I'd fall! And LOL to the I'm not drunk status!

  2. LOL! My desire to get the roof done outweighed my fear (and maybe my common sense?). I'll probably be up there again tonight. Once we get finished and I'm not on the roof, I may have to change the "not drunk" status.

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