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Update on life and new soap

With summer here, I’ve been busy with life outside of soaping and the net. I do have a few soaps ready to launch in the next few days.

They are: Cold Process Goat’s Milk soap-Simple goat’s milk soap. I did a very small trial batch of this one, so it may go fast.
Pink Lemonade Hot Process soap-This one is similar to the Hazelnut Latte hp soap, except it has no goat’s milk and uses Lemon and Eucalyptus EO for the scent and a mineral oxide colorant to give it a rich raspberry pink color.

I also have a few new ideas brewing. Without giving away too much, the possible titles for these new soaps are: Peace, Love, and Lattes; Texas Summer or Texas BBQ, and a simple Patchouli. Feel free to comment.

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