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Vintage sewing presser feet and accessories part two: Stuff that will work on my machines

Here’s more presser feet. All of these should be low shank.

1. Simple walking foot? I don’t know.

2.Same as above. See the little teeth that go up and down as you sew.

3.Elaborate hem guide or???
4.Side view.

5.Don’t know. Maybe for stitching in the ditch?

6.Side view.

7.Still don’t know what the back guide does. 

8.Straight stitch, but why the little bend in the foot?

9.Button feet.

10. ???? I need to look again. That might be a hole to feed decorative thread through. Still don’t know why it has that shape. 
11. Really should know this one…



14.Quilting guide I think. Why does the foot have notches for left or right needle position but not center?

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