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Walking to school

With the weather finally cooling off (it’s only supposed to be 93 today!) I’ve started walking Finn to school. I  hope we have enough good weather this school year to walk most days. Both boys enjoy it and it makes our mornings much less hectic. It also lets me put my cool Joovy thrift store find to use. (BTW, if anyone has a stray snack tray for it they want to part with, let me know. I could just order one from the website, but that would kill the whole second-hand vibe. And they cost more than I paid for the stroller.)

Ready to go.

Needed more coffee. And a more flattering angle.

Happy Beckett.

We are entering the perpetually messy face phase.

Shadow totally took advantage of my photo preoccupation to give icky face kisses. At least  B thought it was funny.

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  1. aww how cute!

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