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Weekend Projects: Crib to Co-sleeper

Chris is sick, Beckett is over the cold but still teething and Finnian is a crazy six year old. You’d think I would do nothing but try to stay sane and see that everyone survives the weekend. Instead I decide to turn the mostly-used-as-a-playpen crib into a co-sleeper (search “how to sidecar a crib” for many better than I could write tutes) and simplify diaper changes by resurrecting Finn’s old changing table.

Check out the freshly ironed sheets.

The co-sleeper allows Beckett to have his own space while still being close enough that no one has to completely wake up for the 1-2 night time feedings. I left the crib mattress a little lower so that he can’t crawl over to our bed and then headfirst off the edge as quickly. This will allow me to (maybe) leave the room while he’s asleep and hear him over the monitor in time to prevent tumbles.

Ideally the changing table would have gone in the bathroom to make poopy diaper rinses easier. Our bathroom is the size of a postage stamp, so that was out. It was obnoxious in the hall outside of the bathroom. I finally settled on using it between the crib and wall as an added security measure to prevent the beds from separating. It is still usable as a changing table, and probably safer with less room for B to roll. I can’t access all the shelf space as easily, but I can keep the essentials in reach. Still doesn’t make rinsing poops easier, but at least it’s more streamlined than our changing pad on the bed wipes under the crib diapers on the baby chest of drawers method we’ve used for the past almost nine months.

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