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Weekend stuff

I spent today making five turkey pies for the freezer. I am in trouble. FIVE pies didn’t make a dent in the turkey leftovers. I tried making stock from the turkey bones for soup, but got busy trying to get B to nap. The whole thing boiled dry and smoked out the house. 😛 At this point, making soup isn’t optional, so it looks like I’ll have to go to the grocery for the fourth time in four days.

It also seems like everyone is suffering in various degrees from sinus stuff. Finn has it the worst. I’m betting his Thanksgiving vacation will last at least one extra day because of it.

In an attempt to save this completely mundane post, here are some cute pictures of my darlings eating chicken fingers two days pre-turkey. I’m sure they will interest at least two of you. For the rest, I promise to post something more interesting tomorrow. Or Monday, for sure.

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