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What I did before 9am.

Got up and dressed.
Nearly tripped over the dog.
Woke up the kiddo and got him dressed.
Made lunches for the kiddo and hubby while trying not to trip over the dog.
Made breakfast for the kiddo.
Put the dog outside.
Started a load of laundry.
Got the dryer’s info so I could pick up a new dryer belt and finish laundry later. (Yes, my dryer joined the revolt. See Appliances are People Too and The Battle Rages On.)
Took out the trash.
Took hubs to work.
Drove kiddo to school while helping him work on sounding out and writing words.
Waited with kiddo in the school cafeteria for his teacher to meet his class.
Picked up a few things at the grocery store.
Picked up a new dryer belt.
Fed the dog.
Made fake coffee and microwave sausage biscuits for myself.
Sat down.

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  1. What a morning you had! Why is it that dog’s are always in the way? I’ve noticed this with my dog too. I’ll have no idea he’s even in the room and then I turn around accidentally knock him in the head with my foot.
    Hope you at least got to sit for a while.

    1. I think dogs just want to be close to their people, but I’m so afraid one of us will get hurt one of these days. My cat, on the other hand, I think will actually try to trip me. Between those two and my son, I always have to watch myself.

      I got to take a little break, but had to get to work taking product photos to list on Etsy. Still, it’s less hectic than this morning.

      I hope you have a great day!

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