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What I dream about…

I should be posting today’s feature right now.  I had to share what strange things go on in my head first.

Last night I had an awesome, inspiring dream.  In the dream I decided I needed to get more creative with my soaps, so I spread all of my EO (essential oil) and FO (fragrance oil) stock out on the bar (which was conveniently added to my house for this dream) and sniffed random combinations.  I came up with various wonderful combinations such as “Mischievous Leprechaun” and “Something Fruity”.

Sadly, I don’t think some of the FOs in my dream actually exist. For example, I had a FO called “Tropical Fairy Forest”.  Pretty sure that’s not in‘s extensive stock.  I guess I’ll have to come up with that one on my own.

I absolutely have to make a batch of Pine Tar soap before I get too creative.  I’m down to a couple of bars of that, and it’s a staple soap around here.  I love Pine Tar soap, but I HATE making it.  Have you ever tried measuring out Pine Tar?  NOT fun.  That and my inability to smell lately due to allergies have kept me from my soap pot.

After the Pine Tar is complete, I’ll get to work on something spicy citrusy warm scented that a sweet friend suggested.  Totally looking forward to that one!  Then I may have to see if I can concoct Mischievous Leprechaun and  maybe something fruity.  Who knows? Maybe I’ll even figure out what the heck “Tropical Fairy Forest” smells like.

Have a great day!


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