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Wish lists

Chris keeps asking me if I’ve dropped any hints for Christmas. I have. Apparently I’m a little too subtle. Now he wants a list. I hate making lists, and I hate telling people what I want. One, it just feels weird, and two, I don’t really care. Not that I wouldn’t be a little hurt by not getting anything unless we had said no gifts, but I really would be happy with anything as long as it seems like there was even a tiny bit of thought involved.

What I really hate is trying to think of appropriately priced things. I don’t want to seem greedy by asking for something too pricey, but Chris is great at bargain hunting, so I don’t want to not mention something that I need/want/would love to have just because I think it’s probably too expensive.

So, this year I decided to make a list that takes absolutely nothing into consideration. If it popped into my head as something I need or would enjoy, I put it on the list.

Bunch of random stuff I would like to maybe have whenever: 


Thread rack.
Bias tape maker
Embroidery machine
Can opener that doesn’t suck
Robot vacuum that does suck
My very own tool kit with drill that nobody else touches
Uninterrupted shower
Jogging stroller
Moka  pot (cause they’re sexy)
Clothes that fit
Something pretty
More shelves/storage for craft room
Uninterrupted bathroom time.
Extra hours in the day.
Extra hours in the day during which the kiddos play with daddy.
Step stool for the kitchen
Clothes drying rack.

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