About SubEarthan Cottage

SubEarthan Cottage was born from my love to create and the encouragement of my wonderful husband, family and friends. SubEarthan Cottage first opened on Etsy at the beginning of 2008.

I’m a mother of three young boys, so everything in my home needs to be useful, durable, and safe. It’s also nice to have a little bit of pretty to contrast all the dinosaurs. (Seriously, I should have been a paleontologist!)

All of my products are handmade to meet those standards. From my handmade soaps, and home fragrances to my soft goods and accessories, you can be sure it passes my quality test for my family.

The highlight of SubEarthan Cottage is my soaps. I started making soap due to my own frustration with finding a soap that worked with my skin and my curiosity. It didn’t take long before I became hooked!

All of my soaps are handmade from scratch. I carefully formulate my soaps to be gentle and create a fluffy lather without synthetic lathering agents like sodium laurel sulfate. Many are vegan friendly and most (soon to be all) are phthalate free.

In addition to natural bath products, I now offer gentle laundry soaps and dryer sachets. Periodically you’ll find vintage jewelry and other items offered at SubEarthan Cottage.
If you have any questions about SubEarthan Cottage or my products, please contact me, Charity, at csloan@subearthancottage.com.


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