Flannel Lavender Rice Pack LAST ONE

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Relax your muscles with a lavender rice pack. These rice packs are made with cotton flannel and filled with a blend of rice and lavender buds. I sewed channels for the rice blend to make it easier to drape and distribute the heat or cold.  Each bag measures about 8 in. by 10.5 in. They are perfect for soothing your aching muscles or keeping you warm on chilly evenings.

To use cold, store the pack in the freezer until it reaches your preferred temperature.

NOTE: The polka dot and green ones are sold out. Only one left in the orange arrow print.

To heat, warm in the microwave in 15 second intervals until you reach the desired temperature. ***Warning*** Microwaves vary in power. ALWAYS test the temperature of the rice pack before using and never leave the microwave unattended while heating. Do not use on individuals who are unable to let you know if it feels too warm on their skin.

Ingredients: Rice, Lavender buds

This product is not able to be shipped to some locations outside of the USA due to restrictions on plant materials.

**Note: All Texas sales will be subject to an 8.25% sales tax**

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Additional information

Weight 37 oz
Dimensions 9 × 11 × 2 in
Channeled lav rice pack

Green print, Orange arrows, Taupe polka dots


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