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Want to be Featured?

Want to be featured?

In the past, I often featured handmade or vintage shops on Fridays. Over the years, the world of crafting and blogging has changed dramatically. I would love to resume Feature Fridays, but with a broader scope.

Handmade shop and websites are still welcome. I also want to feature guest writers sharing tutorials, tips, advice, recipes, etc. Categories that I feel are a good fit for this blog are crafting, sewing, sustainability, refashioning, healthy living, parenting, hair and beauty tips for busy moms, homeschooling and homesteading. I am open to other topics as well, so if you are interested but don’t quite fit into one of the above categories, please contact me anyway with your idea.

Guest posts will be promoted across my social media sites frequently throughout the week they are published and then periodically after.

Handmade shop/website features

For handmade shop/website features, answer the questions in the following list and email them to I will contact you before your shop is featured and if any clarification is needed. You can give as much or a little info for each section as you are comfortable with sharing. Be sure to include links to your shop, web page and blog, if you have them. If you sell your products in a brick and mortar store and would like to include that info, you may include that as well.

I also choose a favorite item from your shop on the week that you’re featured and briefly tell why I like it. The first image from your shop for both your favorite item and my favorite item will be included in the blog.

  • Name and Business Name
  • Tell us a little about yourself and your business.
  • What made you get started in your business?
  • Anything else you’d like to share?
  • Tell us about your favorite item listed in your shop.
  • Links to your shop, website, blog, etc.
  • Email address (This will NOT be published)

Guest posts, tutorials and everything else

Please contact me at with your idea. If you already blog, a link to your blog or site where your writings are published is also helpful. Newbies are welcome, too. I’m also not opposed to reposts if they are a good fit and your own work.

If I think your idea is a good fit for SubEarthan Cottage, I will let you know and we will work out the details from there.

Matisse Creativity Mug Mugs featured
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Shop Small Saturday

I generally try to avoid anything that seems gimmicky. The whole Black Friday, Shop Small Saturday, Cyber Monday all seem crafted to make people feel like they must buy all the things NOW. Being a small business owner, though, I wanted to address the “Shop Small” thing.

All those cute memes you see about small business owners doing a happy dance with every purchase, the care that goes into creating and packaging a product just for you, and the direct impact your purchase has on an individual or family? They’re all true, for me at least, and for the other small business owners I know. I celebrate each and every sale. I make sure to package every order with care and a handwritten thank-you. Every sale goes towards helping my family directly.

That’s not to say that big business are bad or don’t help their employees or don’t appreciate our business. Not at all. I’d be lying if I said the big blue Amazon truck never stopped at my house or I never shop at Walmart. They absolutely have their place, too. But, if today or any other day throughout the year you are able to make a purchase from a small business, know that we thank you for your support and are celebrating. Probably with a happy dance, although I refuse to post video evidence.

If you’re not in a position to make a purchase from a small business or what they offer just doesn’t fit your needs, there are other ways to offer support. Sharing their information with others that might like what they have to offer is one way. Letting them know what you like about their products is another.

Spread the Love

If you are a small business owner or know of an awesome one, please leave a comment with the shop’s info so that I and my readers can check them out, whether it’s Shop Small Saturday or some random Tuesday. Artists and authors are welcome, too. I would love to have a list of small business to refer to and to share with my friends and family.

Thank you from SubEarthan Cottage on Shop Small Saturday and Every Day!
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Cloth Diapering – Types of diapers

If you’re new to cloth diapering, it can be a bit overwhelming to navigate the different types of cloth diapers on the market. Today’s choices go beyond the pinned white squares our parents and grandparents used to include styles so user friendly even the most skeptical caregivers will be comfortable using them.

Here are the basics based on my research. If you have anything to add, please feel free to comment:

Flats: A large square of woven material, most commonly cotton, that have to be folded and pinned. They will leak unless you also use a waterproof diaper wrap/cover.

Prefolds: A rectangle of cotton or other woven material with a thicker, absorbent middle section. Most moms have a few of these around even if they don’t cloth diaper because they make excellent burp cloths. They still require a little folding to get the best fit for your baby, but nowhere near as much as flats. Like flats, they’ll need pinned and a leak-proof cover.

Prefold diaper from The Eli Monster

Fitteds: Fitteds are made from an absorbent material and shaped to fit without folding. They usually close with Velcro or snaps, so you don’t need pins. They do not have a waterproof layer, so you’ll need a cover to make them leak-proof.

Fitted diaper “Road Map” by Hen and Chick Cloth

All-in-ones (AIO): All-in-ones are essentially fitteds with the addition of a leak-proof layer. The leak-proof layer is most commonly made with PUL, a plastic laminated material. They close with Velcro or snaps.

Daisy Dots AIO from Hen and Chick Cloth

All in twos (AI2): Similar to all-in-ones, except that a separate absorbent layer is placed inside of the diaper. This helps them dry faster because each layer is thinner. You can also customize the absorbency by adding layers as needed. They close with Velcro or snaps.

Custom print AI2 from The Eli Monster

Pockets: Essentially a specific type of AI2. With pockets, the absorbent layer (insert) is placed in a pocket between a waterproof outer layer and an inner layer of fleece or some other material that lets wetness through to the insert and keeps baby’s skin dry. They close with Velcro or snaps.

Rockin’ Broncos Pocket diaper by Hen and Chick Cloth

One size (OS): Means that the size of the diaper can be adjusted to fit most babies from infancy to toddlerhood as opposed to sized diapers that fit a weight range.

Thank you to The Eli Monster and Hen and Chick Cloth for allowing me to use their product images for this post. Be sure to visit their shops for a variety of cloth diapers as well as other products for mom and baby. To visit the specific product pages seen here, please click on the caption below the picture.

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~my early morning~ by twirlaway on Etsy

~my early morning~ by twirlaway on Etsy

‘~my early morning~’ by twirlaway


Vintage Ombre Knit Shirt


Rocking Votive MADE TO ORDER


Italian Architecture – Cinqu…


Embroidery Hoop Art – Felt F…


Handmade Crochet Doily Rug


SQUARE… Messenger Bag Shou…


Set of 3 DressGreen BATH or …


Birch tumbler straight – cer…


20% OFF COUPON SALE–Black a…


primitive wall decor mason j…


Vintage Green Mug Tea Cup


Book covers – paper garland


iPad Sleeve Case Brown Wallp…


Made to Order, Modern Rustic…


Special Price Handmade Soap …


Custom ring Bead woven band….

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Shop Local (Texas) Etsy Treasury by CottageInTheSun

‘Shop Local!’ by CottageInTheSun

1967 and 1968 calendar neckl…


Ceramic Sage Joy Tumbler – S…


Vanilla Rose Scented Bath Sa…


Tree of Life – White Moonsto…


Cotton Drawstring Bags- Tree…


Buttercup No. 2 Lost and Fou…


teddy bear… newborn hat ph…


services only


Vintage Bead Pendants in Pla…


Black and White Flower Weddi…


White Turquoise Crystal Tai …


White Ring – Size 5.75 – Ivo…


Linen Pin Cushion


Ivory Lace Leaf — All Seas…


Teardrop Earrings.




Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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Au Natural Etsy Treasury

‘ “Au Natural”‘ by handcraftusa

If you are allergy prone you might like to try a more natural alternative that Etsy has to offer.

Natural Lip Gloss in First B…


Two Branches In Antique Bras…


loofah soap bar – mint scent…


Halcyon. Leather Wrap Brace…


Natural Wooden Baby Teething…


Clean and Simple Laundry Soa…


Organic Patchouli Facial Cle…


Macrame Necklace with Stunni…


Citron Splash Dead Sea Salt …


Earrings – Lovely Lemon Post…


All natural and organic vege…


Purple Crazy Lace Agate and …


Unscented beeswax 6 ounces(…




Organic Cotton Baby Rattle E…


SALE – English vintage red f…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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Cute Pan Am themed Etsy Treasury

‘PAN AM’ by linneaheide

Come fly with me!

Pan Am Number 1


Medium Samsonite Biscayne Bl…


Teal Bandolino Pumps


Vintage Pan Am Umbrella


printable retro airplane sea…


60’s Navy Blue Pan Am Mo…




1950s Clear Cat Eye Glasses …


Vintage 1960s Hat // The End…


World Map 6 Panel Canvas Gic…


Vintage Sky Pilots of Americ…


Retro Flight Attendant Party…


Vintage Indigo Train Case by…


1950s Cotton Dress / 50s Car…


Pair of Crystal / Silver Tri…


Surreal photography – Jet en…

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